Nails should be taken care of to make them healthy. Outlined here below are the useful tips that can help you in taking care of your nails and giving your hands a beautiful look.

Cleaning Your hands

cleaning hands

You should make sure that the skin around your nails is dirt-free. This should be followed by removing the traces of the last colour or anything that has dried out your nails. This colour is removed using an acetone-free remover. You can also use a toothbrush to rub the skin and nails gently. This is helpful in exfoliating the dead skin cells and removing dirt. Avoid using expensive, harsh or drying chemicals.

Scrubbing them Gently

Remember that your nails are very delicate. Scrubbing them too much can expose them to infections. You should avoid using metallic tools under your nails as this can separate the skin from the nail.

Trimming Your Nails Regularly

Regular trimming of the nails is essential. This means that you should set aside some time to trim them after every two weeks. This period can be adjusted to less or more often depending on how the nails respond.

Avoid cutting Your Cuticles

Cuticles play a critical role. This is the part that makes sure that the base of your nails is properly sealed. Removing or cutting the cuticles can break that layer of protection, thereby exposing you to infections and harmful bacteria. Your nails will always thank you for leaving the cuticles alone. Pushing back the cuticles on a weekly basis with a wooden stick especially after taking a bath is highly recommended. You should then massage them gently with a creamy lotion.

Using Protection

You can put on gloves to protect your hand from dirt and harsh chemicals. Gloves are made of nitrile, plastic, vinyl or rubber. Again, you should avoid cleaning your dishes in soapy, hot water with your bare hands as this can weaken your nails. You should also wear a pair of gloves or mitten to protect your hands from chilly weather.

Consider Your Diet


Fingernails mainly consist of proteins known as keratin. Tweaking your diet is one of the effective methods of improving the condition of your nails. You should add supplements and vitamins such as biotin, fish oil and vitamin E to your regular diet. Protein-rich foods such as fish and beans are highly recommended.


Apply Moisturizers

Your nails are not different from your face. You should avoid going to sleep without moisturizing them. Applying a mix of avocado and almond oils can help you in keeping the nails and cuticles hydrated.