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    There are certain tricks and tips that you should follow to improve the appearance of your hair. This does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money on expensive shampoos.
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How to Take Care of Your Skin During Summer

The human skin is exposed to scorching heat, humidity, and pollution during summer. These are some of the conditions that invite infections or wipe off the skin’s natural glow. These hassles can be avoided by adopting the proven skin care tips. This is the best way of maintaining a radiating skin.

Exfoliating Your Body

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Exfoliating the skin is one of the basic skin care tips. The dead skin cells are shed by the body at a high rate every day. You should get rid of these skin cells to give the skin a shiny look. Failure to remove the dead cells can make your skin to look dry and dull. Exfoliation is done by rubbing the body gently and hitting the shower. Rubbing is done by making circular movements with an exfoliator. This is followed by rinsing the body clean. You should continue doing this for about three times every week to get a beautiful skin.

Going for Minimum Make-Up

Less make–up should be applied during summer. This is a season that is characterized by an intolerant skin. The natural look is the best during summers. Individuals who are planning to use foundations are advised to apply face powders with SPF. The lips are protected by applying a lip balm or gloss having an SPF of 20. This is done to give the lips a fresh look. Eye make up should be avoided at all costs during summer.

Hydrating Your Body

The body needs about two liters of water daily. If possible, you should carry a bottle of fresh water and drink hydrate yourself after every thirty minutes. Water is helpful in preventing dehydration and keeping the body fresh. Water is used in flushing out toxins from the body.

Using Sunscreen


You should throw away the unused sunscreen and replace it with a new one. These products are designed to last for a short period. New sunscreens should have UVB and UVA products and the come in SPF 70 and SPF 30 respectively. A full teaspoon is enough for your face. These products should be reapplied after every 1-2 hours.

Hydrating the Body with Lotions

You can keep your body hydrated by applying a summery lotion. This can also help you in packing away the thick winter kinds of butter form the body. You should use lotions that can be absorbed easily by the body. Light, fresh lotions are highly recommended. They should be applied immediately after taking a shower.

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Hair Care Tips

There are certain tricks and tips that you should follow to improve the appearance of your hair. This does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money on expensive shampoos. Using the recommended hair products and following your hair care routine can help you in making your hair shiny and more beautiful.

Washing Your Hair

Many people have been washing their hair throughout, but there are some things that they have been doing wrong. The few things that you do wrong in the shower can stop your hair from looking beautiful. The following are the useful tips that you need to try out when washing your hair:

Oiling Your Hair

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Always make an effort of applying oil the hair before washing it. This oil is either massaged onto the scalp before taking a shower. This treatment is done to pre-condition the air. Some of the recommended oils for massaging the hair include almond oil olive and coconut oil.

Using Cool or Lukewarm Water

Hot water can cause damage to the hair. Hot water is known for dehydrating the hair and making its ends to split. The hair should be washed with either cool or lukewarm water. This is the best way of closing your hair cuticles and retaining moisture in the hair.

Massaging Gently

Both the scalp and the hair should be massaged gently with the fingers when shampooing. You should make small, circular motions with the finger while shampooing. This is helpful in preventing excessive damage and tangling.

Avoid Washing the Hair Daily

Some believe that washing the hair daily is hygienic. This is something that needs to be avoided as it can damage or dehydrate the hair. It can also strip the hair of the natural oils thereby making it more prone to hair fall and damage.

Diluting the Shampoo


Many people use shampoo when washing their hair. The shampoo is known for stripping the hair of the natural oils, making it dry. This can be prevented by diluting this product with water. The diluted shampoo is then used for washing the hair.



How to Dry Your Hair

The hair should be dried immediately after showering. The following are the practical ways of drying the nose without causing any damage or breakage.

Using a Microfiber Towel

You should make an effort of pre-drying your hair immediately after taking a shower. A terrycloth towel should be avoided as it can tangle the hair too much and increase frizz.

Blow Drying After Drying the Hair Partially

A blow dryer is one of the essential tools used for during hair. You are advised to blow dry your hair when it is seventy percent dry. This is done to give the hair cuticle enough time to reduce heat damage.