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Colored Maternity Jeans from Maternal America

We’ve added a dash of color to our maternity jeans collection, ready for spring!  The brightly colored Maternal America ankle jeans were a crazy success last year, so we are so pleased to see them available again this season.

Check them out at Colored Maternity Jeans.  Available in White, Red, Blue, Turquoise, Coral and Yellow $89.99 with Free Shipping!

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Top Selling Mama.licious Maternity Jeans Arrive in our US store Thu, 10 Jan 2013 19:35:44 +0000 kearfodc Most Reviewed Maternity Jeans

Most Reviewed Maternity Jeans 2012

Mama.licious Hot Slims Arrive in the USA

After 12 months of great sales and awesome feedback for these mama.licious hot slim maternity jeans in the UK, we are so pleased to announce they have now arrived in the US office.

Retailing at $69.99 (sizes 26 – 33 in either 31″ or 34″ leg) these jeans are great value.

Check out the long list of feedback below for your self!

December 2012

Joanne Meldrum
Very happy with my jeans and would highly recommend you to anyone who is pregnant :)

December 2012

Love these jeans. Comfy and stylish. The fit comes up quite big so order a size smaller then you think you need. xx

November 2012

I really like these jeans, when I first put them on they were a bit big (I am a size 8-10 normally and got the 8 L) but I washed them and adjusted the waist band and they are perfect. They are like normal jeans not maternity ones, just wish they had them in black.

October 2012

Hi, these jeans are very comfortable with plenty of room. Im usually a size 10-12 jeans and ordered a size 10. They are probably a bit big at the moment (23 weeks) but the waistband is adjustable and Im sure I will appreciate the extra room in a few weeks. Unfortunately they are not as skinny as I hoped. They are quite baggy not quite as shown on the websites photo (but I do have bean pole like legs :-) )

October 2012

I m a size 12, but got the size 10. These jeans are good stretch and comfortable, but color is more dark than on the picture. The shipment was quick and simple.

October 2012

These jeans are the most comfortable maternity jeans Ive ever owned and are really good quality too. Plus Im impressed at finally finding a pair that are long enough- as these come in extra long leg lengths.

October 2012

these jeans were really comfortable and the elasticated band comes right up over my bump and does not ride down. Normally maternity jeans gape at the croth and look loose but not these.

October 2012

I love these, they are super comfortable but at the same time stylish, the colour is something I would choose if I were shopping for non-maternity jeans, I dont feel Ive had to compromise on style which is a huge plus. I would definitely recommend to other expectant mums.

October 2012

These were a perfect fit and length for my 5ft 9inch height. Very comfortable and Ive had lots of compliments with people being surprised they were maternity jeans

September 2012

As many of the reviews state these are great everyday jeans, just what i had worn pre pregnancy. The wash is flattering and they can be dressed up and down. I am usually a 10 but the 8 was a good fit in these jeans.

August 2012

Im a size 8-10 and these were a great fit. However, they are quite long as Im only 5ft 3 so I will be wearing them with long boots not flats. The fabric is much thicker than some maternity jeans I have tried, more like proper jeans than jeggings, which is what I was looking for. The belly band is thick and supportive.

August 2012

These jeans are great, good stretch and really comfy. i am usually a size 10 but got the size 8 as they are a generous fit. They go with everything. Really prompt service too. very happy with my purchase :)

August 2012

A great purchase. I literally wear them most of the time. An on trend, yet very comfortable pair of skinny jeans. I am a size 8 normally and ordered a size 8. They fit, yet hav room to expand (Im only 18 wks). Quick delivery too.

July 2012

After looking everywhere on the high street for a pair of size 6 maternity and failing, i found them here. Thank you so much, theyre great x x

July 2012

A great pair of everyday jeans with loads of flex, just where you need it most

July 2012

The jeans feel and look good quality. Nice and comfortable too. I would say that the sizes seem to be slightly bigger than you would expect as ordered a size 10 at first, but they were not tight fitting, and quite loose around the leg so ordered next size down – now these are perfect. When exchanging the order the confirmation said that i had chosen a size 6, although I had chosen size 8. I contacted them via the mob No, left a message and quickly recieved a reply and all got sorted – really nice and friendly, good customer service.

June 2012

Jules B
These were the only skinny jeans I found that had a nice large Bump cover attached. All other skinnies were below the bump, and as they are skinnies I found them too uncomfortable. So these were Perfect. I ordered a size to large at first, but sent them back and the smaller pair were here with in days, so quick and easy and no fuss. I would not only recommend these jeans, they fit snug and have the skinny jeans look without having to be dragged on within an inch of your life, but I would also recommend this company, for there quick and efficient service. 5 STARS.

June 2012

On the plus side, these are super comfortable, and incredibly well made – I can see myself wearing them for the whole term – but they were generously sized so not as skinny as I would like, and the grain is quite old-fashioned.

June 2012

These jeans are the first piece of maternity wear I have bought and they fit like a glove; I am really delighted. I particularly like the fact that you are able to tuck tops in a bit at the waist band; a nice touch

June 2012

I really like the jeans although I should have gone for a size smaller because I wanted them skin tight (I went for the larger 8 as I am normally 8-10 but feel the small 8 would have fitted better, this could be because I am only 5 ft) but am guessing as I grow that wont be an issue. I have had lots of compliments and out of four pairs of maternity jeans I have brought online (not from this website) they are the only pair I didnt send back – which says it all really.

May 2012

The shipment was great – very quick and simple. The jeans are very nice….

April 2012

I am so pleased with these. They are super comfy and trendy. At 9 weeks my other jeans were getting uncomfortable and these are great as you cant even tell they are maternity (just yet) but have plenty of room to grow with my bump. I will be living in these over the next few months, I am sure. Highly recommend.Great service. Friendly and efficient. Very good value too.
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How to measure yourself for the perfect pair of maternity jeans Sat, 27 Oct 2012 17:55:37 +0000 kearfodc Choosing Maternity Jeans Just Got a Bit Easier!

Maternity Jeans Measurements

Measuring Your Body for Maternity Clothes

On launching Just Maternity Jeans we quickly discovered how vastly different each maternity manufacturer is when it comes to sizing their garments.

We want to help you order the perfect pair of maternity jeans first time.  That’s why we have meticulously measured every pair of jeans in our store, listing the product measurements in a handy little box located next to the ‘Select a Size’ dropdown on each product page.

If you are trying to decide which size to order, grab your tape measure and follow the guide below …



Waist Jeans are measured at the top of the pants where the denim begins. (We do not measure at the top of the fabric belly bands)
Waist Stretched THIS IS THE IMPORTANT ONE! Jeans are measured by putting two index fingers into the denim waistband (ignoring any fabric belly bands) and gently stretching the denim fabric. All denim has some elasticity so this will give you a true measurement of how the maternity jeans will stretch around your body
Hips Jeans are measured around the widest point of the jeans, usually around 2-3 inches below the waist
Thigh Jeans are measured around the thigh, usually around 2-3 inches below the crotch
Inseam/Inside Leg Jeans are measured from the crotch (where the two legs meet) down the leg length to the hem
Front Rise Jeans are measured from the crotch (where the two legs meet) up to the waist band (and does not include any bump band fabric)
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Planning Your Maternity Wardrobe with Celeb Style? Wed, 03 Oct 2012 14:31:34 +0000 kearfodc Pregnant Celebs

Maternity Wear for the Stars!

2012 has been an amazing year for pregnant celebrities! We loved checking out this list compiled by; Pregnancy Celebrity in 2012.

Check out their list of 66 of the biggest celebrities from TV, film and music who are either pregnant or a new moms this year.

About Just Maternity Jeans
Just Maternity Jeans is a specialist online retailer aimed at the fashion conscious expectant Mom, who doesn’t want to give up her style during pregnancy. It’s maternity wear collection is made up of maternity jeans, jeggings, dungarees and denim skirts, sourced from all over the USA, UK and Europe, all available online at
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Red Maternity Jeans Will Spice Up Your Maternity Wardrobe! Tue, 12 Jun 2012 16:34:10 +0000 kearfodc Colored maternity jeans will certainly add some spirit to your maternity wardrobe this summer, and nothing fits the bill better than bright red. Just take a look at Boob’s offering of Skinny Red Maternity Jeans.

Colored Maternity Jeans

Red Skinny Maternity Jeans

Boob Skinny Red
Over Belly Skinny Maternity Jeans $115.00

These jeans are made from a fabulous stretch fabric that will hug you in a all the right places without clinging to you. Check out the rich vibrant red with matching red belly band that will support your growing bump from early pregnancy right through to full term!

Why give up on the latest trend, just because you are pregnat! We think these jeans will add a touch of sparkle to any maternity wardrobe. Also available in white.

Latest Reviews of these jeans:

Mrs G
Boob Skinny Red

really great jeans. have worn them non stop. the color is really bright and fun. would highly recommend.

Boob Skinny Red

totally love these jeans, skinny fit, god quality fabric, really nice belly band. i will be wearing these all summer.

Rachel M
Boob Skinny Red

I looked for ages to find red maternity jeans. they are a really vibrant red, absolutely gorgeous, am so happy to have them. thanks a lot.

See all Just Maternity Jeans, maternity jean reviews

About Just Maternity Jeans

Just Maternity Jeans is a specialist online retailer aimed at the fashion conscious expectant Mum, who doesn’t want to give up her style during pregnancy. It’s maternity wear collection is made up of maternity jeans, jeggings, dungarees and denim skirts, sourced from all over the USA, UK and Europe, all available online at




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Finding Great Maternity Jeans for Ileostomy, Urostomy or Colostomy Wed, 28 Mar 2012 17:04:00 +0000 kearfodc A Guide to Wearing Jeans with an Ileostomy, Colostomy or Urostomy

Just Maternity Jeans has received frequent information requests from people who have undergone temporary or permanent surgery as a result of illnesses such as Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Bladder and Bowel Cancer and more.

If you have undergone surgery and are now living day to day with an ileostomy, urostomy or colostomy, either permanent or temporary, you may be looking for clothes that put as little pressure as possible on your waist line.  This doesn’t bode well for your favourite pair of jeans!

What’s wrong with regular jeans?

You may have found that the jeans you find on the high street do the following;

1) Sit far too low below your stoma, giving you no coverage at all
2) Sit on your stoma, causing some tugging or irritation
3) High waisted jeans can sometimes make you feel like you are wearing granny pants!

Why are Maternity Jeans useful?

Maternity Jeans offer two waist styles that will benefit anyone with an Ostomy.

Mama Jeanius Great Options for Ostomy Surgery

1) Maternity Jeans with an Under the Bump Waist Band, with Adjusters

This is a regular pair of jeans that has a secret internal elastic waistband with button adjusters.  The waist line is slightly wider than the hips.  This makes the perfect jean for an Ostomy because the jeans can be worn with absolutely no pressure on your stoma.

Wear your jeans with the waist pulled in a little when you are racing around during your daily life, but if your output starts to increase, or you just want to relax without any pressure on your stoma, just let the waist out button by button until you are comfortable.

If you choose to keep the jeans with a wider waist and you feel the jeans slip a little, there are belt loops to reposition your jeans now and again when required. To avoid too much slip, make sure they fit snugly around the hips and bottom – and enjoy the wonderful freedom of not hugging tightly around the waist! Consider the following:

2) Maternity Jeans with an Over the Bump Waist Band

This is a low cut pair of jeans that benefits from a fabric belly band that can be pulled right up over your stoma towards the bottom of your rib cage.  Many of thesebelly bands are taught, so you don’t need a big baby bump to wear them. For the purpose of a pair of Ostomy Jeans, the belly band can be rolled over at the waist, offering a soft fabric to sit against your stoma rather than a button fly / zip / and a tough denim fabric that you would find on the waist of regular jeans.  We recommend the following:

1) Mamajeanius Mama Life, Straight Leg (These are seamless as the foldable bump band is actually denim on the outside, soft jersy fabric on the inside.  This is great for example if uou did raise your arms, it wouldn’t be obvious that the jeans are maternity.)
2) Noppies Chelsea Light Blue Straight Leg with Mid Rise Bump Band

3) Valja Blue Boot Cut with a High Rise Bump Band

More Information

Please call us or email us with any questions you might have about how maternity jeans can offer a great solution for your post surgery clothing needs.

Best of luck to you, we wish you continued good health post surgery.
Just Maternity Jeans

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Get ready for summer with Lilac Tummy Trimmer Denim Shorts and Capris! Tue, 13 Mar 2012 15:40:23 +0000 kearfodc
Denim Pregnancy Shorts
Get Ready for Pregnancy in Summer

Spring and summer can be a difficult time for pregnancy.  Trying to stay cool and comfortable while staying excited about your clothing choices can often be a tough combination.

This week in our USA store, we introduced Lilac’s awesome Denim Maternity shorts and Lilac Denim Maternity Capri’s to help you stay cool and on trend.

The Lilac Tummy Trimmer denim maternity shorts are slim fit, long length bermuda style with a full panel belly band to support your growing bump. They are made with extra stretchy denim that doesn’t “stretch out” and retains shape really well.

The internal adjustable waistband means you can tailor the waist of the shorts to YOUR body as it changes throughout pregnancy.  

The Lilac Tummy Trimmer Capri denim maternity pants are perfect for this coming spring. Made with the famous Lilac ‘Tummy Trimmer Denim’, this is one maternity wear purchase that will accentuate your curves, especially your behind!

The fabric bump band is nicely supportive and keeps the jeans place. The internal adjustable waistband means you can tailor the jeans to YOUR body as it changes throughout pregnancy.

**Maintain your modesty with low cut jeans – thanks to the belly band, when bending over it looks like a shirt is tucked in – not your underwear hanging out!** On Sale for a limited time!!

Denim Maternity Shorts: $64.99
Capri Maternity Shorts $74.99

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Introducing Paige Premium Maternity Jeans – 15% introductory discount! Thu, 23 Feb 2012 17:03:07 +0000 kearfodc Paige Premium Denim has arrived at Just Maternity Jeans (USA).


Paige Denim Westbourne Jimmy Jimmy Maternity Jeans $174.99 - Introductory Sale Price $159.99 (with free shipping!)

To celebrate the arrival of the most stylish product to grace the shelves of the Just Maternity Jeans office we are price dropping all Paige Premium Maternity Jeans to $159.99 – offering you guys up to 15% off our new range.

Here are two maternity wear items you won’t want to put back in a box the minute give birth:

Westbourne Jimmy Jimmy from Paige Denim offers you a boyfriend fit pair of slouchy jeans, in cool distressed dark blue.  Roll the leg for a super sexy spring feel!

The draw string waist band is cleverly hidden within the denim, so that these jeans appear just as a regular pair.  Draw the waist in during early pregnancy and let it out a little as your shape changes.


Paige Premium Union Laurel Canyon Maternity Jeans $184.99 - Introductory Sales Price $159.99 (with free shipping!)

Paige Premium Union Laurel Canyon is a maternity wear staple at Paige denim.  With a classic under the bump style they have been a year on year favorite.

The jeans sit just as a regular pair of jeans would,  just above the hips, but thanks to the clever elastic side panels, the jeans will grow with you if your waist and hip size changes.

The denim is the softest denim we’ve come across – almost silky smooth to the touch.

If you are a Paige Premium Denim fan prior to pregnancy, these jeans will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe. This is one maternity wear item you won’t want to put back in its box the minute give birth.

Take a look at the full collection of Paige Premium Denims at Just Maternity Jeans today!

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Mama Jeanius – A Revolution in Maternity Jeans? Sat, 18 Feb 2012 12:40:47 +0000 kearfodc Open any pregnancy and baby magazine in the UK these days and you’ll see an abundance of maternity jean features and reviews, all talking about a relatively new specialist maternity jeans company called Mama Jeanius.

With a little bit of investigation, we (at Just Maternity Jeans) were excited to discover Mama Jeanius isn’t just a new brand, it’s a collection of revolutionary new maternity jeans designs.

Mama Joy Maternity Jeans will Extend 15cm on either side of your waist

Take for example Mama Jeanius ‘Mama Joy‘, a maternity jean with an adjustable waistband mechanism that can be adapted by 15cm on both sides!

At first we weren’t sure this could actually work whilst keeping the integrity of the tailored jeans, but it does.  The waistband is extremely easy to use, ingeniously hidden and the soft rubber buttons mean you will not feel them at all.

We’re pretty sure that this is the only pair of jeans on the market that offers complete flexibility to grow … and grow…. and grow… taking you through your whole pregnancy with comfort!

Mama Jeanius’ ‘Mama Life‘ also does not disappoint.  A totally new style of maternity jean, Mama Life introduces a seamless denim bump band.

High Back Rise, Expandable Belly Band of Mama Love

Again we weren’t sure how a denim bump band would feel but were very pleased to discover the band is lined with a super soft jersey fabric, while externally the bump is just an extension of the jeans, delivering the only truly seamless maternity jean!  What’s more this band can be worn, under, on or over your bump so you aren’t tied to one waist fit.

Mama Jeanius’ ‘Mama Love’ responds to real customer feedback at JMJ.  Countless customers tell us that maternity jean manufacturers create jeans with a far too low rise at the back.  Not so for Mama Love.  Expertly designed, you’ll enjoy a high rise at the back, with a low front that won’t cut into your bump. The belly band is the tallest we’ve come across, and the most flexible.  If you are carrying twins or more, this is without a doubt the right maternity wear choice for you.

It’s not often that we take on a new manufacturer that ‘knocks our socks off’ but this one really has.  Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at a revolution in maternity jeans style and fit, view Mama Jeanius at Just Maternity Jeans today!

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Sienna Miller Pregnant or Not? Wed, 01 Feb 2012 14:17:54 +0000 kearfodc Poor Sienna Miller seems continually surrounded by ‘is she?’ ‘isn’t she?’ tabloid gossip.  Is she getting married? Is she together with boyfriend A or back together with boyfriend B?  This time, thanks to her sister, the world’s media is asking – Is she pregnant?

According to UK’s Vogue, her sister Savannah confirmed the happy news yesterday, but so far Sienna hasn’t officially announced.

Further evidence on twitter from Savannah suggests some happy news with a tweet saying she was ‘thrilled’.  (Yet to be fair didn’t actually say the words, Sienna is pregnant!)

Sienna’s signature look, skinny jeans and ballet pumps will look even cuter with maternity jeans and a baby bump to match!

We look forward to an official announcement very soon.




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