A Guide to Choosing Maternity Jeans

The Maternity Jean ‘Waist Cut’


The Maternity Jean Size

As a rule of thumb, we suggest you purchase your pre-pregnancy size when choosing maternity wear. Each manufacturer has a slightly different interpretation on size! For manufacturers who have sized their garments a little more or less generously, we have provided an advisory to size up or size down.

Our complete maternity collection is drawn from all over the world! James Jeans, Maternal America and Japanese Weekend hail from the USA. Boob is from Sweden, Noppies from the Netherlands, 2Wear from Norway, JeansPremaman from Italy, Bellybutton from Germany, Funmum from the UK and so on.

For this reason, every pair of jeans available on JustMaternityJeans.com/usa/ and JustMaternityJeans.com/uk/ has been meticulously measured to help you find the perfect pair, first time. Our size charts appear on every page and offer both inch and centimeter measurements of the following:

Measurement Description
Waist Jeans are measured at the top of the pants where the denim begins. (We do not meausre at the top of the fabric belly bands)
Waist Stretched THIS IS THE IMPORTANT ONE! Jeans are measured by putting two index fingers into the denim waistband (ignoring any fabric belly bands) and gently stretching the denim fabric. All denim has some elasticity so this will give you a true measurement of how the maternity jeans will stretch around your body
Hips Jeans are measured around the widest point of the jeans, usually around 2-3 inches below the waist
Thigh Jeans are measured around the thigh, usually around 2-3 inches below the crotch
Inseam/Inside Leg Jeans are measured from the crotch (where the two legs meet) down the leg length to the hem
Front Rise Jeans are measured from the crotch (where the two legs meet) up to the waist (where the denim fabric begins)

The Maternity Jean 'Leg Style'

Shopping for your pregnancy shape is extremely difficult. If you are lucky enough to be ‘all baby’, congratulations! If your body is in flux, here are some hints and tips to help you make that decision:

Style Description
Boot Cut Tailored or wider leg trousers are perfectly suited to the apple / pear shape. They lengthen your legs giving good balance with your top half. Conversely, if you naturally lack curves, jeans with back pockets and styles with flare or boot cut legs create the illusion of curves and a rounder bottom. Unfortunately boot cut can make a shorter leg appear shorter.
Skinny A super fashion statement and suitable for both the straight up and down and the curvy shape. A great option for the petite figure, skinny fits will lengthen the leg.
Straight Leg For the hour glass, curvy figure, fitted jeans will beautifully accentuate your curves. Ultra-tapered styles work by bringing hips and thighs into proportion. Again straight leg styles will lengthen the leg.
Jegging During pregnancy you may want to marry up your need for comfort as well as style. Jeggings offer you the best of both worlds. Think of your favourite skinny jeans, but with softer stretchier fabric that will fit like a glove – in your last trimester this will be important to you.
Boyfriend and Dungarees Wider leg trousers are perfectly suited to the apple / pear shape / plus size. Quite a casual look, these styles are great for skimming lumps and bumps, enhancing your butt! Note, they should appear baggy and may cling to bigger thighs!
Denim Patterns Vertical lines down the length of your pants help to slim the thighs and can create the illusion of length on the shorter leg.