Our History
Maternity Jeans Inspiration
Our Inspiration
At Just Maternity Jeans USA, we believe the maternity jean is truly the single most important maternity wear purchase. Every expectant mother (especially expectant mothers!) deserves to find a source for the perfect pair, one that will accentuate the beautiful changes in your body and allow you to sparkle!

We bring our customers in the USA and UK (and rest of world!) the choice of over 60 different styles of maternity jean - no such thing as too tall, too short, too shapely or too skinny, Just Maternity Jeans will find the perfect pair for you!

The Family
Just Maternity Jeans USA is an Anglo-American collaboration! We are a family business run by husband and wife Jules (British) and David (American).

'During my first pregnancy I struggled to find a really great pair of maternity jeans. I knew I’d be in my jeans non-stop so wanted to make the right purchase. I found a multitude of maternity wear websites out there, each with a small collection of maternity jeans but none seemed to really reach out to me.'

The Idea!
Wouldn't it be great if there was a maternity website dedicated to finding the perfect pair of maternity jeans? A site that offers a ton of different styles, colours, sizes and lengths .... a site that explains the features of each pair... and helps you to understand the sizes and styles....

Jeans Worth Getting Pregnant For!
After an epic mission in search of manufacturers who are as passionate as we are, we are so excited to have created a maternity jeans collection with enormous variety and a big chunk of style.

We have settled on one short sentence to describe it...... Jeans Worth Getting Pregnant For!

As new parents ourselves we understand what exciting times you are embarking on. Here’s hoping the maternity jeans you find in our collection add touch of sparkle to your day.

Congratulations and best wishes,

Jules and David K

If you are a maternity wear manufacturer and you believe your product would compliment our current collection, we'd love to hear from you. Say hello today.